Thank you to the first proto-cells to emerge from the primitive soup 3.5 billion years ago, and thank you to their descendants, the first vertebrates, the primates and all successive forms of life, in particular our moms and dads and the Saint-Flour mechanic and the Belleville Shawarma vendors. Thank you. And thank you. That’s right, we’re thanking ad infinitum… One never knows… Thank you.

Super Vinamotor

Kim, a young gangster unfairly accused of treason, is forced to flee Saigon and its Chinese mafia. Hurt and confused, he is rescued by a weird duo: Thao, a one-legged old gambier and his granddaughter Lan.
Through the small roads of the Mekong Delta, the trio heads to Cambodia…


The year is 1889. Chloe and her father Max both share the same crazy dream: to fly free as a bird ! They head off to Paris to enter the first INTERNATIONAL FLYING MAN CONTEST, where contestants will jump from the all-new Eiffel Tower. The event is covered by a major Parisian newspaper and competition is rapidly growing. More and more eccentric flying men start converging from thr four corners of the world. Chloe and her father are going to face fierce competition, but Max is starting to have serious doubts. He will never be able to jump ! Discovering that her father is only human, Chloe is going to have to grow up fast. The time has come for her to leave the nest, make the dream of flying her own… and it come true !


France, 1941. The country is stuck in the age of steam. Napoléon V is in power. Young April sets out to find her parents, who are among the scientists who have been mysteriously disappearing…

Nominated For The CÉSAR 2016 – Best Animated Film (Full-lenghts)

Cristal for a Feature Film – Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2015


In an unknown forest at a time resembling the beginning of our last century, the young Courge boy lives with his ferocious ogre father amongst ghostly forest creatures. One day, he sets out to find love…


A film adaptation of the eponymous comic strip about Marjane Satrapi’s childhood and adolescence in Iran, Vienna and Paris. A singular, personal look at the fall of the Shah, the beginning of the Islamic Republic, exile and teenage torment…

Jury Prize – Cannes Film Festival 2007


Zombies have invaded the planet. In Paris, the world has finally become an acceptable place for a few select survivors: the ones who deliver pizza and dvds to the other rare survivors. Our heroes finally have a chance to get their revenge on their pathetic past lives. But a mysterious menace threatens to destroy the harmony between the zombies and small business.